Q. When are my homeowners fees due?
A. By January 31st of each year.
Q. How much are my fees?
A. For 2012 each homeowner pays $312.00 per annum.
Q. Who is the property manager for Turtle Run?
A. Benchmark Properties. Contact Perry Nagel at 954-344-5353
Q. How do I get a copy of the association documents?
A. You should have received them when you purchased your home as the closing agent is responsible to do so. If you do not have them contact Benchmark and you can purchase a copy.
Q. When are association meetings?
A. Meetings are generally quarterly, however they can be scheduled on an as needed basis. Homeowners are always notified by U.S. Mail several weeks in advance stating the time, place and date of the meeting.
Q. Are there secret board meetings that homeowners are not allowed to attend?
A. NO every meeting held is always public and every homeowner is encouraged to attend. The board wants your input and help. Our goal is to keep our community up to date and as pristine as possible.